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 First Last Age Category Team (35 and over) Team (Open Adults) Skill level
AmmarAbbas7-15 (Youth)Intermediate
MustafaAhmed7-15 (Youth)Intermediate
HasneinAjwani16 or over (Adults)TopShelf
HussainAkbar16 or over (Adults)Dynamo
HishamAli16 or over (Adults)The Lions
TahaAli16 or over (Adults)The Lions
Kian HassanAlibhai7-15 (Youth)Intermediate
RayaanAlibhai7-15 (Youth)Intermediate
ShayaanAlibhai16 or over (Adults)786ers
AdamAlidina7-15 (Youth)Beginner
AmmarAlidina7-15 (Youth)Beginner
Muhammad HadiAlidina7-15 (Youth)Intermediate
YahyaAlidina7-15 (Youth)Intermediate
SajidAlimohamed16 or over (Adults)HaiderisIntermediate
MahdiAllidina7-15 (Youth)Beginner
QasimAllidina7-15 (Youth)Advanced
TalhaAwan16 or over (Adults)TopShelfIntermediate
HusseinBadreddine16 or over (Adults)TopShelf
RayhanChagani16 or over (Adults)The Lions
SajjadChampsi16 or over (Adults)Intermediate
ZaynChampsi7-15 (Youth)Intermediate
MYD16 or over (Adults)Vancouver
TehseenDahya16 or over (Adults)Haideris
KeyaanDamji7-15 (Youth)Beginner
AliDatoo7-15 (Youth)Intermediate
 First Last Age Category Team (35 and over) Team (Open Adults) Skill level