Men’s Squash

Salaam alaykum,

​​The fast-paced, action-filled sport of squash has always been popular in our community, we look forward to bringing together the old-timers, new talents, and burgeoning squash fans again this year.

Among the racquet sports, squash offers one of the most vigorous workouts. If you are looking for a competitive and fun, sport that allows you to develop your cardiac health via lunges, lateral movements and swings, squash is the sport for you!

Squash will be played under the following categories:

  • Casual (Rating 3 and under)
  • Intermediate (Rating 3.5)
  • Advanced (Rating 4 +)

We would like to welcome gents from near and far to participate in this tournament to fine-tune and demonstrate your skills, as well as build friendships and memories.

Hasnain Karim & Akil Dhirani
Men’s Squash Coordinator