Men’s Badminton

Coordinators Message

Salaam Alaikum,

Al-Wahda looks forward to welcoming badminton enthusiasts again after a successful introduction of the sport to the festival in 2015. This year we hope to attract more players from out of town and from outside of our community as the festival will be open to all Muslims. Contrary to popular misconceptions of badminton being an outdoor picnic activity, it is rather an intense and physically grueling indoor sport. In fact it is the worlds FASTEST racquet sport – played by some of the most fit and agile athletes, with shuttlecock speeds reaching 350 kilometers per hour.

Badminton has been a staple in the Toronto ISIJ community for some time now and participation has grown significantly over the years. We welcome all players and look forward to showcasing our local talent and camaraderie, while engaging is some competitive badminton with brothers from other communities that share a passion for this sport.

I conclude with a saying I read recently:

Life is like a badminton match. If we wish to win, we must serve well, return well, and remember – the game starts with “Love All”.

With Duas,

Mohamed Jamal
Badminton Coordinator


North Thornhill Community Centre

Address: 300 Pleasant Ridge Ave, Thornhill, ON L4J 9B3

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