Salaam Alaikum

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be leading the volleyball sport in the women’s division at the upcoming Al-Wahda Festival! Volleyball isn’t just a game for me; it’s a passion cultivated over years of playing in leagues, tournaments and various international competitions. My journey has allowed me to share the court with incredible women from across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), many of whom I’ve had the joy of playing with twice a week. Beyond the GTA, I’ve also experienced the vibrant volleyball scenes in different North American communities.

This year’s festival promises to showcase an electrifying mix of competition and fun. We are set to witness an exciting display of skill and sportsmanship, featuring both seasoned players and rising stars. The energy on the court will be palpable, with teams pushing the limits of sliding, jumping, and spiking like never before.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in a dynamic volleyball community. Whether you’re looking to let loose, create unforgettable memories, or simply enjoy the thrill of the game, this festival is the place to be. I am eagerly looking forward to planning this event, welcoming back familiar faces, and embracing new ones. Let’s make this year’s volleyball event at Al-Wahda Festival an unforgettable experience!

Shazmin Manek & Shazia Kara
Women’s Volleyball Coordinator