🔠 Welcome to Al-Wahda 2024: Where Words Take Flight! 🔡

Greetings, language aficionados and community members! If you’re one of those individuals who sees numbers in the alphabet, then we’ve got the perfect challenge for you at this year’s Al-Wahda 2024. Introducing the ever-popular Scrabble category for both Ladies and Gents!

Are you ready to turn those Qs, Xs, and Zs into high-scoring words? Scrabble, a game that transforms letters into a battlefield of words. It’s not just a game; it’s an invitation for all, whatever your age.

Al-Wahda is not just about flexing your muscles; it’s also about exercising your brainpower. Join us in the pursuit of intellect and strategic thinking through the Scrabble competition. Whether you’re a seasoned wordplay veteran or a newcomer to the world of triple-word scores, there’s a place for everyone!

So, channel your inner wordsmith, be quixotic in your word choices, and maximize your chutzpah by putting together words that leave your opponents awestruck. If you find yourself calculating scores instead of deciphering sentences, then Scrabble is tailor-made for you!

Don’t miss out on the linguistic excitement. Join us at Al-Wahda 2024, where we invite you to wheeze through words quickly without the need for exorcizing confusion.

It’s time to let the letters flow and see who will emerge as the ultimate wordsmith. Sharpen those vocabularies, and let the Scrabble games begin!

May the best words win! 📚✨

Fatma Ebrahim & Zaitun Somani
Women’s Scrabble Coordinators