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Entry IDDate CreatedFirstLastAgeGenderEmailCell PhoneShirt Size(Womens) # of SportsSport 1Sport 2(Mens) Number of SportsSport 1Sport 2Total
4353March 3, 2024KulsumJaffer162024FemaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(416) 998-2743Small1Basketball$ 75.00 CAD
4374March 5, 2024ZaitunSomani80FemaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(647) 468-1168Medium1Scrabble$ 75.00 CAD
4431March 6, 2024HassanaliFazal79MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(604) 220-6123Large1Carrom$ 75.00 CAD
4441March 7, 2024MohamedA Somji74MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(905) 237-4287Extra Large1Carrom$ 75.00 CAD
4450March 7, 2024SabiraJafferali65FemaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(647) 831-4114Medium1Badminton$ 75.00 CAD
4453March 7, 2024RukhsanaJessa65FemaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(647) 215-5731Youth Extra Small2PickleballScrabble$ 75.00 CAD
4454March 7, 2024MasumaliMerali78MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(647) 686-1945Extra Large1Carrom$ 75.00 CAD
4461March 8, 2024MohamedManji72MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(647) 501-1786Extra Large1Badminton$ 75.00 CAD
4487March 9, 2024ShaukatKermalli67MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(647) 501-3469Medium1Golf$ 445.00 CAD
4494March 9, 2024GulamabbasNajafi73MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(416) 804-1276Large1Carrom$ 75.00 CAD
4501March 9, 2024MohamedNajfi74MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(416) 917-0956Medium1Carrom$ 75.00 CAD
4550March 10, 2024MehdiDharamshi72MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(647) 629-5807Small1Badminton$ 75.00 CAD
4575March 11, 2024GulamaliRemtullah80MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(407) 789-5410Large1Carrom$ 75.00 CAD
4614March 11, 2024SHABBIRJAFFER66MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(416) 270-5763Large1Tennis$ 75.00 CAD
4686March 13, 2024HasnainDavdani68MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(647) 297-6124Extra Large1Golf$ 445.00 CAD
4687March 13, 2024RazakDamani80MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(416) 587-3523Extra Large1Badminton$ 75.00 CAD
4699March 13, 2024SarwarJaffer70MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(416) 358-0872Extra Large1Carrom$ 75.00 CAD
4706March 13, 2024FatmaEbrahim75FemaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(647) 649-2989Medium2PickleballScrabble$ 75.00 CAD
4708March 13, 2024ShaukatKhimji75MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(416) 858-1372Medium1Carrom$ 75.00 CAD
4710March 13, 2024MohamedtakiKara80MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(905) 696-9910Medium1Carrom$ 75.00 CAD
4711March 13, 2024RubyKara79FemaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(905) 508-7422Medium1Carrom$ 75.00 CAD
4722March 13, 2024SheilaHirji77FemaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(416) 624-7985Medium1Scrabble$ 75.00 CAD
4752March 14, 2024Syed Zeeshan AkbarJafri65MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(224) 239-8652Medium1Table Tennis$ 75.00 CAD
4770March 14, 2024AkhtarNaqvi75MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(437) 215-1101Small1Golf$ 445.00 CAD
4860March 15, 2024ShabbirKanjee66MaleEmail hidden; Javascript is required.(647) 997-5686Large1Tennis$ 75.00 CAD
Entry IDDate CreatedFirstLastAgeGenderEmailCell PhoneShirt Size(Womens) # of SportsSport 1Sport 2(Mens) Number of SportsSport 1Sport 2Total