Salamun Alaykum We will be having a police K9 Dog service training demonstration at 3 pm opposite to the food vendor stall at Jaffari Community Centre (9000 Bathurst Street, ON, L4J 8A7). Some of the quick facts about these RCMP police dogs are as follow:
  • A dog can search a car in approximately three minutes.
  • Dogs can work up to four hours with rest intervals.
  • Currently, there are 112 RCMP dog teams across Canada.
  • The estimated cost to train a member and dog team is $60,000.
  • Healthy police service dogs cost less than $1,000 annually to maintain.
  • On average, a police service dog retires at the age of seven.
With Salaams and duas, Festival Organizing Committee Al-wahda_LOGO_2015-FINAL-Outlined