Volleyball Rules

Rules & Regulations

  • All players registered in the Al-Wahda Sports Festival must be of the Shia Ithn’Asheri Faith. Any individual found to be in violation of this rule, will be immediately disqualified from the festival. In the event, the individual is part of a team, the entire team will be disqualified from the competition.
  1. No closed hand hitting – i.e. using the fist, punching the ball, etc.
  2. Any part of the ball dropping on the line during service or regular play is good.
  3. No spiking on the third ball, however, direct spiking on the first ball to cross the net is allowed.
  4. Ball hitting the pole, ceiling or any other fixed object is out.
  5. During the game, all communication with the referee must be done through the team Captain only.
  6. Service shall be underhand only.
  7. Crossing the centre line is a foul.
  8. Open underhand where the ball is deemed to be carried in the palm or being pushed is a foul.
  9. Each team is entitled to register up to ten (10) players, however, no more than nine (9) players on the ground at any given time. Player substitutions within the game can only be made if the team wishing to substitute player(s) calls a timeout.
  10. No player will be allowed to play without signing the waiver forms.  Captains are responsible to submit signed forms for all of their players prior to their first game and also ensure that their player’s registration fees are paid.
  11. No player can play or register for more than one volleyball team.
  12. Captains for each team are responsible for supplying referees, linesmen, and scorekeepers.
  13. One (1) timeout per team per game for a maximum of 2 minutes.
  14. Any person who abuses an official / another player / spectator either verbally or physically will be ejected from the tournament – ZERO TOLERANCE WILL BE OBSERVED.
  15. The Captains must make sure their team players are on the court when scheduled and called for their games.
  16. In the event the scheduled team is not there, they will be given a maximum of 3-minutes grace to begin their game.  If they have not arrived by then, they will forfeit that game.
  17. In case of injury, the referee may stop the game at his discretion, for 3 minutes.
  18. The pressure in the ball will be set by the tournament organizing committee/volleyball coordinator.
  19. Court Size will be approx. 34×35.
  20. Net height will be set to approx. 8 feet (#20 pole measurement).
  21. All players must be of Shia-Ithna-asheri faith.
  22. Referees decision is final and ALL players must respect the decision of the referee and linesmen.
  23. The organizing committee has the authority to amend any rules, timings and make any final decisions.


  1. Each round robin match will be 2 games of 15 points each with a 20 min time limit per game.
  2. Each game won will earn the team 1 point.
  3. Qualifying playoff round games (if required) will be best of 3, game of 15, with a 20 min time limit per game (time limit may change if time does or does not permit).
  4. Quarter Finals games will be best of 3, game of 15, with a 20 min time limit per game (time limit may change if time does or does not permit).
  5. Semi Finals, and Finals will be best of 3, game of 21, with a 25 min time limit per game (time limit may change if time does or does not permit).
  6. In case of a tie for the Main Playoff round, standing will be determined by ‘head-to-head’ win.
  7. If time is up and the ball is still in the air, the point must be played.  In case of a tie, the team holding service wins the match.

We wish to extend good luck to each of the teams and let us have an enjoyable tournament with true sportsmanship.

Last updated:  August 27th, 2015