Unlock YOUR true potential - Time to Live life on YOUR terms

With Dr. Mahmood Mawjee, Motivational Speaker and Peak Performance Coach

Morning Workouts

Take control of your day by starting your day off right. Join Dr. Mawjee for morning workouts.

Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 7 AM – 7:45 AM in the Zainabiyah Hall.


Baraaza and Hangout

Come and hang out with Dr. Mawjee and get to know him on a personal level.

Saturday 10 pm – 10:45 pm at the Fountain Area beside gate #3.




Dr. Mawjee will be ready to answer all your questions. Want to know more about his story? Want to know how you can apply his strategies for yourself? Come out and ask all your questions.

Sunday 11 pm – 11:45 pm at the MARC Library


Workshops & Seminars

Open for men & women aged 16 or older.

Conscious living results in personal growth

Everyone is searching for a life full of happiness, health, peace, energy, focus and compassion – by attending this 90 min class you will see how through conscious living you will attain a level of personal growth which will allow you to a much more fulfilled life

Saturday 11 AM – 12:30 PM
MARC Library

The 4 ways to bullet proof your health

A precise 4 point plan and method to work towards to achieve lifelong health on your terms.

Saturday 3 PM – 5 PM
MARC Library

Coaching your child for success

In a world where depression rates are the highest amongst kids – how you as a parent or future parent can set your child up for success.

Sunday 11 AM – 12:30 PM
MARC Library

The 5 secrets to Create YOUR Ultimate Life

Looking within ourselves to see what is holding us back from living the amazing life we were put on this earth for  – understanding in detail the 5 key reasons behind the actions which govern our life – and then using the to have a life on your terms.

Sunday 3 PM – 5 PM
MARC Library