FAQ – Temp

While we appreciate your excitement, you cannot participate in more than 2 sports.
Please contact us.
Nice! You can use this link to register for a second sport: https://alwahdafestival.com/add-sport
Yes, all team sports are accepting free agents. Please note that the coordinators will try their best to accommodate free agents, but cannot make any guarantees. Update: Softball & Cricket are no longer accepting free agents.
You can contact the Festival Organizing Team from our Contact page: https://alwahdafestival.com/contact-us/
You can signup as a volunteer by completing this form: https://alwahdafestival.com/volunteer/
You can visit our contact us page to send an inquiry directly to the sports coordinators: https://alwahdafestival.com/contact-us/ 
You can find more information about the food stalls by visiting our food stalls page: https://alwahdafestival.com/stall If you’re interested in taking part in the Ladies Bazaar, please visit our Ladies bazaar page: https://alwahdafestival.com/ladies-bazaar/
There are many trophy sponsorship options to choose from. Basically, you can pick a particular sport that you would like to sponsor the trophy/trophies for and we will put a name (many people choose to contribute in loving memory of someone dear to them) on the trophy.
This year, the following sports are being featured: Women’s Sports Men’s Sports New for 2019: You can see the cost and register here: https://alwahdafestival.com/registrations/

The Al-Wahda Sports Festival is a community festival event that brings all Muslims together for a weekend of sports, food, fun and more. The festival is open to all muslims.