We’re pleased to announce that we will be hosting a free health seminar at this year’s Al-Wahda Sports Festival presented by Sister Aziza Amarshi scheduled to take place on Saturday and Sunday at 3 PM in MARC library.

Our digestive system and our nervous system are intricately connected. We know that the brain tells the gut what to do but did you know that the gut can also trigger mood changes in the brain?

Join us for a 2 part series where we will explore the fascinating bidirectional link between the gut and the brain and how optimizing this connection can do wonders for our physical and mental health and well-being.

About Sister Aziza Amarshi

Sister Aziza a Registered Pharmacist, Holistic Nutritionist and a Wellness Coach. She currently co-owns King City Pure Pharmacy.

Sister Aziza completed her undergraduate studies at University of Toronto in genetics and molecular biology, then went on to pursue a pharmacy degree from the Leslie Dan school of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto.

Sister Aziza’s unique position as a pharmacist and nutritionist has given her great insight into the relationship between food and illnesses. However, it wasn’t until her own experience as a patient in the health care system, did she realize how important it was for health care professionals to bring focus to lifestyle modifications as a means of healing from disease. Her healing journey from RA has been an integrative one, where she sought the support of medical doctors, a naturopathic doctor, an acupuncturist, a life coach, meditation teachers, and a functional medicine doctor. She credits her healing to this holistic approach and is very passionate about bringing a wholesome, integrative approach to healing at Pure.

Aziza is passionate about the health of her clients and is committed to guiding them towards optimum health through nutrition, lifestyle changes and responsible use of supplements and medications.

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Gut-Brain Connection

Uncovering the connection between the gut and the brain
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