Tennis Rules

Rules & Regulations

  • All players registered in the Al-Wahda Sports Festival must be of the Shia Ithn’Asheri Faith. Any individual found to be in violation of this rule, will be immediately disqualified from the festival. In the event, the individual is part of a team, the entire team will be disqualified from the competition.
The format 1) Junior division :
  • All entries will be singles play with a double-knock out scenario (which means a 2 match guarantee for everyone)
  • A random draw will be held with seeded players based on the NTRP rating. Win go on one side of the draw, lose go to the other side.
  • The finalist from both sides of the draw will be the championship match
  • Each match will be a race to 8 games (ProSet), at 7-7 a normal 7 point tiebreaker will be played, win by 2 ( ie 7-5, 8-6,9-7 and so on)
  • Semis (finals on either side of the draw) and finals will be a best 2 out of 3 normal sets, with an international tiebreaker (race to 10 points, win by 2) in the 3rd set
2) Tier#1 & Tier#2 Doubles :
  • Draw will be held prior to the event with a double knock format again.
  • Matches will be best 2 out of 3, with an international tiebreaker for the 3rd set
  • Matches will be a race to 6 games, 5-5 play a normal 7point tiebreaker.
  • Each game will be played with a no ad format. At 40-40 the receiving team decides which side to receive and the next point will decide the game.
  • Semis and Finals will be a normal games/sets with a 10 point international tiebreaker at 1-1 in sets.
3) Open Mens Singles :
  • Draw based on NTRP rating and seeded players will be allocated in their positions
  • Double knock-out format, with a Pro-set (1st to 8 games) scenario for all rounds until Semis and Finals.
  • Please note that we have allocated 140 hrs of court time for all these matches based on entries and if there are unoccupied courts, participants may use the courts only if they notify the organizers and get the approval.
  • New balls for every round
  • We will have on court officials for questions and/or decision making on a ruling.
  • Please use the standard USTA rules for tennis throughout the tournament.
  • A tournament participant may play in both the Singles and Doubles events but not encouraged due to scheduling challenges.
Last updated: August 27th, 2015