Rules & Regulations

  • All players registered in the Al-Wahda Sports Festival must be of the Shia Ithn’Asheri Faith. Any individual found to be in violation of this rule, will be immediately disqualified from the festival. In the event, the individual is part of a team, the entire team will be disqualified from the competition.
  1. Tournament is 4 on 4 plus one goalie. Teams must have four players: Three players and one goalie minimum to start a game.
  2. Each game is 24 minutes long (running time), with two 12-minute halves. A face-off at centre starts both halves. A 1-minute break will be provided between periods.
  3. Possession: The last player to touch the ball before going out of bounds must forfeit the ball to the opposing team at the point of exit. Ample hockey balls will be made available at playing site. Sticks length must be given to player bringing ball back into play.
  4. A 2-minute penalty will be assessed to a player for any of the following infractions:
    • Slashing
    • Tripping
    • Knocking the ball down with a high stick (above shoulders)
    • Body Contact
    • Swearing (Refs Discretion)
When a goal is scored by the opposing team, the penalized team will return to full strength. Clock starts on penalty once ball is in play after the penalty has been called.
  1. No off side. Face-offs after goals only. Penalized team loses possession of ball for start of penalty. Whistles are only to be blown for infractions, goals and to end both periods.
  2. When a goal is scored, the team scored upon is given centre. Once a player from the team/ball crosses half, opposing team is allowed to cross half as well.
  3. Goalies are not allowed to cross centre.
  4. Tied games in playoffs will result in a shoot-out, whereby each player is given a shot on net (a total of 3 shots per team) in order to break the tied game. If a tie still exists, then one shot is given to a player in turn on each team until the tie is broken. In the finals, there will be a 5 minute OT followed by shootout.
  5. Games will not be rescheduled. If a team does not arrive within 5 minutes of game time, they shall default their game.
  6. The site coordinator’s word is final!
  7. We reserve the right to eject anyone, player or spectator, for questionable conduct.

Last updated:  June 18th, 2015