Coordinators Message

As Salaam Alaykum,

I am pleased to announce that, due to popular demand, Men’s Badminton will be joining the festivities at Al-Wahda this year. This sport is not for the faint-hearted or slow-footed; as the fastest-paced sport at Al-Wahda, badminton is a sport that measures shuttle speeds of over 80 meters per second! We invite you to join us – whether you are a seasoned veteran, an aspiring novice, or somewhere in between – for a competitive tournament that will be sure to put your agility, mental prowess, and physical endurance to the test.

We look forward to seeing you on the court.


Maysum Allibhai
Badminton Coordinator


North Thornhill Community Centre

Address: 300 Pleasant Ridge Ave, Thornhill, ON L4J 9B3

Age Categories

Adults: 14 or older

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